How To Give Helpful Feedback Without Offending Someone

5 Ways to Encourage Someone to Improve Without Affecting Their Self-Confidence

We’re always receiving feedback in the form of our results. Whenever we’re not creating the results we want, we know we have to do things differently.

Similarly, we can learn to give feedback to others if they’re not making progress or meeting deadlines. Being able to provide feedback without destroying a person’s self-confidence is really valuable, especially if we’re in any type of leadership or managerial role.

I remember when I had a corporate career, performance management sessions was something I dreaded, both as a receiver and as the giver of feedback. There was always a level of discomfort going through the process because as human beings, being challenged or questioned by another person can be uncomfortable.

The good news was I always survived those sessions and they always helped me improve and I was also able to help my team members improve.

We tend to prefer positive feedback. Receiving negative feedback can be awkward at times.

How Most People Deal With Negative Feedback

  • They either reject or ignore the feedback.
  • They may get angry at the person providing the feedback.
  • They may feel discouraged by the feedback and choose not to improve.

The whole purpose of giving or receiving feedback is to improve and continually move forward towards agreed objectives. In order to prevent someone from feeling discouraged as a result of negative feedback, there are specific things we can do.

Ways to give feedback without offending