How To Easily Improve A Frustrated And Low-Performing Team Now

I recently heard from one of my mentors that if you have a dream that you can achieve on your own, then your dream is not big enough.

That is quite a profound statement because it emphasises the importance of having a team in the first place, and it also reinforces that if we have a team, then team members must be aligned, engaged, motivated and work towards a common objective.

When a team is not operating to its full potential, some of the consequences include:

  • Less respect for the leader and team members.
  • Small issues become bigger issues quickly.
  • Increase in team conflict or turmoil which leads to more frustration.
  • Tasks take longer to complete because attention is being given to things that are of a lower priority.
  • Lower performance from team members which leads to low productivity, less engagement and a decrease in motivation.

How to create a high-performing team