7 Things You Can Do To Sharpen Your Ability To Focus

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that in order to be efficient, productive or effective, we must master the ability to focus.

For busy business owners and entrepreneurs, this can often be quite challenging. We know about the importance of staying focused because what we focus on expands or grows. Yet staying focused is something we tend to struggle with. Why is that?

Fortunately for me, I realised the importance of being able to focus on what’s important early in my business. In fact, when I first started my business, I named it Focused On…® because I knew that staying focused on the important things in business or life was a critical skill I needed to develop.

My first experience with focusing on a major project in my business was when I wrote my first book, Hoops and Freedom. For five months, I worked on nothing else except writing my book. I even hand-wrote the whole book. Each day, my aim was to write a minimum of five pages.

Most days I exceeded my target however there were days when I could only write two pages. However, having a sole focus allowed me to complete writing the book in only five months, which was a good achievement for me considering I had never written a book before. That was the power of staying focused.

how to improve focus