Banish These 10 Harmful Things Now And Your Results Will Improve

We all do things that are not always in our best interest. Some of these behaviours or habits, if allowed to continue, can be harmful to us over the long term.

Oftentimes, the things we do may not be obvious to us but clearly visible to others. Once we’re aware of what these things are, we have the choice to replace them with new behaviours or habits that will support us in getting closer to what we want.

One of the habits I have formed in recent years has been starting off my day on a good note, especially the first hour of the day. Previously, my first hour would be extremely chaotic, disorganised and unplanned, which often caused me to feel rushed, scattered and reactive.

By changing how I start off my day, I find I tend to have way more productive days than unproductive days.

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