How to Know if You Have Found Your Core Genius

5 Signs That Show You Are Doing What You Do Best

There are things you do easily and effortlessly that you may not consider a big deal—that is your core genius.

Everyone has unique abilities and do things so well that they appear to have a natural talent. You are no different. You have a core genius within you.

What Does Core Genius Mean?

Most times, a person’s core genius is aligned to things that bring them joy and to their life purpose. It’s what they are passionate about and want to do more of.

For achievers, their core genius is tied to things that will make the biggest impact and add the greatest value. These are the high-leverage activities they need to focus on.

All activities that are of low value and need to be outsourced or delegated to others.

Your core genius is:

  • What makes you special.
  • How you differentiate yourself from others.
  • What you are good at doing and is what you love.
  • How you provide the best value to those you serve.

The unfortunate reality is most people are not doing what they love or doing things aligned to their core genius. When you find your core genius, you will make a bigger difference through what you do.

your core genius