5 Simple Ways To Make Your Brain Embrace Change

How to Make Dealing With Change Easier and Less Stressful

For a long time, I believed that people resist change. Having learnt about and experienced dealing with change myself, there was some truth to that belief.

As I learned more about psychology and understanding people’s behaviours, I’ve now got a new perspective. One of my mentors teaches that people don’t necessarily resist change when it’s their choice.

What we resist is being changed. When we think about, we go through and deal with change daily. Consider some of the things we change daily.

  • We change our clothes daily.
  • We change what we eat most days.
  • We change when and how we travel to places.
  • We change our conversations daily.
  • We change what we work on or do daily.

Going through change is not the issue. The real challenge is our association to change and what we tell ourselves about it.

Dealing with change