How To Make Yourself Feel Better Any Time

5 Things You Can Do to Get Motivated Again

We all go through phases where we don’t feel the best and struggle to get ourselves motivated to do the things we know we should.

As our emotions dictate what we will or will not do, it’s important we have ways to change how we are feeling so that we can get back to doing what’s required of us.

Our emotions are like a rollercoaster—they’re constantly changing and are either going up or down. The better we can manage or control our emotions, the better we will function.

If we’re feeling down, unmotivated or disengaged, and we allow ourselves to stay that way for long periods of time, it can:

  • Lead to more serious negative emotions such as depression or anxiety.
  • Cause us to lose our zest for life.
  • Make us unproductive and inefficient.
  • Bring about more mental, emotional and physical challenges.
  • Affect others around us, most likely in a negative way.

Having ways to pick ourselves up when we’re feeling down can prevent us from experiencing more problems later on.

How to feel good about yourself