5 Easy Ways to Overcome Doubt and Worry

It’s quite common for us to experience feelings of doubt and worry when there is a change in our current reality or when we’re going for something new in life.

Just think back to that last time you worried about something or when you had doubts about creating an outcome you wanted — what do you think caused you to be worried or start doubting yourself?

First, let’s define what they are.

What is Doubt?

Doubt is a feeling of uncertainty, a lack of conviction or belief that we will achieve the outcome we want. Doubt is an imagined reality. While it’s quite normal to experience doubt from time to time, if it’s not addressed quickly, it can cause some serious problems.

What is Worry?

Similar to doubt, worry can be defined as negative thoughts or feelings which arise in response to either a real problem or an imagined problem. It has often been said that worry is negative goal setting.

If we think of anything that is bothering us at this present moment, it can often be defined as worry because we’re imagining a reality that’s causing us to generate negative thoughts or emotions.

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