How To Overcome The Fear Of Being Successful In Life

5 Ways to Deal With Any Internal Struggles That May Be Preventing You From Getting What You Want

We often hear about people letting their fear of failure prevent them from going for their dreams or following their passions.

While the fear of failure is commonly known, the fear of success is just as powerful but not easily recognised.

At a conscious level, most people would say they want to have more success in their lives, depending on how they define success. However, very few people will admit or even know, they may have a fear of being more successful.

All fears are internally generated. In order to become more aware of our fears, we have to be willing to spend time doing some self-reflection and introspection.

Causes of the Fear of Success

While there may be many causes or reasons for someone to have a fear of success, some of the ones to be aware of are:

  • Not wanting to be seen in a bigger way.
  • Not wanting to be taken advantage of.
  • Not wanting to stand out or be perceived as better than those around us.
  • Not wanting to embrace the truth that we have greatness within us.
  • Being comfortable playing small and conforming to what others expect of us.

The reasons behind our fears are almost always untrue. Once we start challenging them, we’ll find they’re simply ideas we’ve made up based on our past experiences or things we’ve learned.

Fear of success vs fear of failure