How To Prevent Negative Thoughts From Decreasing Your Ability To Get Things Done

Our thoughts control almost everything we do or don’t do in life. Research indicates that on average, most adults have anywhere between 50,000 to 60,000 thoughts per day.

Depending on your upbringing and your environment, your thoughts will either empower or disempower you.

Most of us were exposed or conditioned negatively in some way or another. If those who were responsible for raising us had a negative outlook on life, then the chances are that we were also programmed to have a negative outlook on life.

It is quite interesting that most of the things we have negative thoughts toward like worry, anxiety or fear about something, very rarely comes true. Even if any of our concerns do end up coming true, most times, we’re able to handle the situation better than we thought we could.

how to have a positive mental attitude