How To Quieten The Negative Voice In Your Head

5 Things You Can Do to Deal With Unhealthy Thoughts

No matter how aware we are or how positive we think we are, we still have negative thoughts that creep into our minds.

These negative thoughts or voices can be helpful at times, provided we’re able to redirect them to something more constructive or meaningful.

The danger of not dealing with these voices in an intelligent way include:

  • Not feeling good about ourselves, which will affect our confidence and self-esteem.
  • Having a poor outlook or view of the future.
  • Feeling mentally and emotional tired or drained.
  • Not being able to focus well on what we’re doing.
  • Not being willing to take new risks in life.

It’s highly unlikely we’ll ever be able to totally quieten our minds. The question then becomes, “Do we really want to quieten our minds or do we want to redirect our negative voices to something more constructive or meaningful?”

The voices in our heads are thoughts we’re generating. We all have thoughts but we’re not our thoughts; we’re the thinker of our thoughts.

Since we’re the thinker of our thoughts, we always have the choice to think new thoughts.

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