How To Identify And Remove Blocks Preventing More Success For You

When it comes to the level of success we want, what we do or don’t do, is our responsibility.

If we’re pursuing significant success, it is almost certain we will face challenges that can either motivate us to move forward, or slow us down or even stop us from making progress.

Almost always, the things preventing or blocking our success are internal fears, beliefs or assumptions. Unless we’re able to identify and remove these internal blocks, they will be operating in the background and influence how we think, the emotions we generate and the actions we are willing to take.

Prior to having a speaking and training career, I had to overcome many internal blocks which were holding me back from getting out and speaking. Some of the thoughts or beliefs I had to overcome were, Who would want to listen to me anyway? and Do I have anything important or valuable to share?

Ways to identify blocks to success