How To Stop Worrying About The Future And Start Living Now

At a training program I once attended, the trainer explained that when we worry, we are negative goal setting.

In other words, we are bringing into our lives the very things we do not want because we are giving energy and focus to them.

We often get so caught up with the future and how our lives will be months or years from now that we fail to recognise that the only moment we have is the present. Even though we know we cannot change anything that has happened to us in the past, we still can easily fall into the trap of dwelling on the past and wishing that things had been different or better.

Similarly, becoming too focused or driven to create a better future can result in us missing the beauty, wonder, joy and miracles that are around us right now. While there is a lot of value in knowing where we want to go in the future, it does not mean we obsess about the future and forget to really enjoy and appreciate the only thing we will ever have — this present moment.

The benefits of living in the present moment include:

  • Detaching ourselves from the past or future which means we can appreciate what we have in life now.
  • It eliminates stress from our lives as we only have to focus on the present moment.
  • It reduces overwhelm as we can choose to do only what we can at any given moment.
  • It will help us be more relaxed and have a healthy attitude.

How to stop worrying about the future