5 Techniques That Will Make You Stay Calm Under Pressure Better

The ability to stay calm and not react negatively to unexpected events is an extremely valuable skill to have.

We tend to admire and respect those who can handle pressure well than those who crack under pressure.

If we consider professional sports, the ones who reach the highest levels of achievement don’t just have exception skills and talents, they are also able to train themselves to respond in the most effective way when placed under high levels of stress or pressure. The ones that are able to do it consistently are the ones that reach the elite level in sports.

We can also develop the ability of staying calm under pressure because not only will it allow us to respond the best way we can, it will help us strengthen our mental muscles for coping with high levels of stress. If we can develop that ability, we will be able to move past challenges a lot easier and faster.

I remember an event in my corporate career, when during a conversation with a manager, he went into a verbal tirade because of what he thought was not being done or not going well at the site I was managing. He was an account manager and did not hold back as to why he thought we weren’t serving “his” customers well.

How to stay calm under pressure