How To Stop Being A Victim And Take Control Of Your Life

5 Things You Can Do To Start Designing The Life You Want

We’ve all had things happen in life that were unexpected and may have caused us to react in a way that was out of character for us.

It is during such occasions that we allow external circumstances to control us and make us victims of our circumstances.

Here’s what a victim is in this context. A victim is someone who has allowed themselves to be affected by something or someone, which causes them to feel:

  • Powerless.
  • Stuck or unmotivated.
  • Frustrated or angry.
  • Unhappy or even depressed.
  • A sense of resignation.

The signs that indicate someone is in victim mode includes:

  • Constant complaining.
  • Making up excuses.
  • Blaming others or external circumstances.
  • Justifying bad behaviour or poor performance.
  • Waiting or hoping their life will get better by itself.

Being a victim is rarely helpful nor does it support us in creating the results or the life we want.