5 Good Reasons Why Life Should Not Be Taken So Seriously

What You Should Know if You Tend to Let Things or Other People Affect You

We’ve heard the saying, “Life is short,” yet how many people do you know who live their lives to the fullest?

Our lives often becomes about making a living or meeting our responsibilities, rather than living the life we really want. We buy into our stories as to why we cannot do the things we want to in life, which can affect our mental, emotional and physical states.

From my experience coaching and mentoring people, the majority of people are not doing what they really want to. They’ve often settled for a career or a business that makes them a living, even if it does not bring them joy, rather than choosing to do something that excites them or something they’re passionate about.

One question I often ask people is, “If you were told you had six months to live and you had the same abilities or capabilities as you have today, what would you choose to do?”

There isn’t a right or wrong answer. The objective is to get people to really think about what they’re doing with their lives. Most people will respond by saying, “I’d spend more time with my family and loved ones” or “I’d travel more” or “I’d would do community work.”

The question I often then ask is, “Why aren’t you doing those things now?”

This is when I start to hear the real reasons that prevent people from living the life they want.

Signs you are taking life too seriously