How to Stop Judging Yourself With These Five New Mindsets

Things You Can Apply to Escape Habit of Judgment

Learning how to stop judging ourselves is a valuable thing we can do for our emotional and mental well-being.

Judgment is a toxic or dangerous habit. We’ve been conditioned to judge others based on religion, race, gender, culture, biases, personal preferences and interests in life.

We tend to judge ourselves more than we judge others. This often comes down to our level of self-esteem and self-confidence. The more we judge ourselves, the more we will judge others, because human behaviour suggests that whatever is going on inside us, will be expressed externally in some way.

The Costs of Judgment

Every time we judge ourselves, we will:

  • Decrease our level of self trust.
  • Erode our confidence.
  • Lower our motivation to do things.
  • Affect our effectiveness and productivity.
  • Not be in a positive frame of mind.

Judgment is a habit that does not serve, therefore we have to adopt some new mindsets in order to free ourselves from it.

Whenever we’re judging ourselves, we always have a choice to respond differently.

how to stop judging ourselves