5 Responses That Will Stop Negative People Complaining To You

It is always a challenge being around people who constantly whine and complain.

If we’re not consciously choosing who to spend time with, it will be very easy to get caught up in conversations or activities that are unproductive and unhealthy.

The best thing we can do is to avoid being exposed to negativity but that may not always be possible.

In order to be better prepared to deal with situations or people who are negative around us, it will be highly beneficial to have some responses that can direct their focus to something different.

If we have some “Here’s what I prepared earlier” responses, it will:

  • Make it easier to redirect conversations if it’s becoming negative.
  • Help other people become aware that they’re in a negative or unproductive state.
  • Ensure we don’t get drawn into their negativity and remain positive ourselves.
  • Improve our communication skills as we’ll be more aware of how to respond to different situations.

how to deal with negative people