How to Learn to Trust Your Inner Voice

5 Ways to Tap into One of Your Greatest Gifts

Learning to trust our inner voice will give us an additional tool to help us in our daily lives.

We all have an inner voice. Learning to listen and trust that voice is something we have to develop.

What is Your Inner Voice?

Our inner voice is more a sense or a feeling, rather than a voice, although for some, it can be. It’s commonly referred to as an inkling, gut feeling, hunch, inner guide or intuition.

We often hear the phrase, “Listen to your gut,” which implies there is something else that’s always guiding us. That sense or feeling we have in our gut is one example of how our inner voice communicates to us.

We’ll become more aware of it as we start paying attention to how it shows up and how we respond to it.

Why Should You Listen to Your Inner Voice?

If we reflect on the significant decisions we’ve made in life, we’ll find evidence of our inner voice. Sometimes we just had a “knowing” to do or not do something.

Whenever something hasn’t worked out for us, chances are we weren’t aware of our inner voice or we chose to ignore it.

The benefits of listening to our inner voice includes:

  • It’ll be a lot easier to make decisions.
  • We won’t have to second-guess whether something is right or not.
  • We’ll develop a higher level of self-trust and self-confidence.
  • We’ll reduce our stress levels as we won’t experience mental turmoil or chaos.
  • We’ll have a calmer presence about us.

Since we all have an inner voice, it’s a matter of doing certain things to fully tap into it and use it to our advantage.

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