How To Stop Worrying About The Future And Live More Now

5 Things You Can Do to Be More Present Every Waking Moment

When we worry, we’re either living in the past or in the future, and not fully experiencing the present moment.

We’ve all had experiences where we’ve worried about something, whether it was before an exam or a meeting, or after a certain event. Have you noticed it’s really hard to worry about the present moment?

Say for example, we’ve been worried about a particular meeting leading up to it, but once we’re in the meeting, we can only deal with what we’re experiencing in the present moment. While there may be a sense of nervousness in the moment, it’s very rarely worry.

Why Do We Worry?

Worry is a common emotion that does not serve us, most times. While we may know that on an intellectual level, we still worry. Some of the reasons include:

  • Fear of the unknown.
  • Self-esteem issues.
  • Fear of what others think or of being judged.
  • Putting focus on ourselves and how we feel.
  • Using it as motivation to do something.

We experience the emotion of worry because certain things trigger certain thoughts, which then causes us to feel a certain way.

how to worry less