5 Life Lessons You Will Learn When You Face Your Greatest Fears

Why You Should Not Be Afraid To Challenge Yourself and Take Risks

It is quite normal that whenever we attempt something new or pursue a big goal, we will experience a certain level of fear.

We can either let our fears stop us from going for what we want, or we can continue moving forward despite feeling afraid. The truth is almost all of our fears are self-created.

In its simplest form, fear is an imagined negative consequence that may or may not occur in the future if we take a particular action. Basically, we scare ourselves by imagining negative outcomes to anything we want to do or experience in life.

Fear can often be disguised as:

  • Procrastination – not doing what needs to be done.
  • Avoidance – not willing to face a reality in life due to embarrassment, not wanting to be rejected or not knowing what’s ahead.
  • Distraction – allowing ourselves to get sidetracked from doing what really matters.
  • Perfectionism – not wanting to share what we have done for fear of criticism.

When we confront our fears, most times, we will find that they were totally made them up and things didn’t turn out to be as scary as we thought they would.

In the book, Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill suggests that, “Every adversity brings with it the seed of an equivalent advantage.”

If we can start viewing our challenges or fears from a different perspective, then we are bound to learn valuable lessons and grow in the process.