5 Memory Techniques That Will Make You Smarter and More Confident

Simple Ways to Remember Things and Have a Better Memory

As we are relying on technology more than ever before to recall and remember things, having a trained memory can be a big advantage.

If we think back to just a couple of decades ago, when we didn’t have smart devices, we tended to rely on our memory to remember numbers, facts, dates and names. Since we didn’t have tools like we have today, we really didn’t have much of a choice but to remember things any way we could.

Having a trained memory is a critical skill to master if we want to differentiate ourselves from others. Just think what type of an impression we can make if we meet someone for the first time and can recall things they say, including their name.

If we cannot remember a person’s name, the message we give off is we don’t care enough about them, and there’s a very high probability they won’t like or trust us.

I was first exposed to memory training a few years ago when I watched a video of Ron White, a two-time USA Memory Champion, give a presentation where he was able to recall the names of at least fifty audience members and was able to recall twenty or thirty digit numbers easily.

That sparked my interest in learning memory techniques, which I still continue to do so today.

Memory techniques for studying