5 Mistakes To Avoid If You Want To Have A Big Breakthrough This Year

Valuable Things To Know If You Want To Achieve Your Most Important Goals This Year

The start of a New Year is the time when people usually set their resolutions or goals for the year.

It can be a very exciting time as we let our imagination run wild and identify what we’d like to do, acquire or experience during the year. The challenge for most people is that the initial excitement is short-lived.

We allow life and our day-to-day obligations to take priority over what matters most to us. There are some significant costs when we stop focusing on what’s important to us and they include:

  • Not feeling or operating at our best consistently.
  • Not making progress towards the things we want.
  • Having low levels of motivation.
  • Not being willing to challenge ourselves to do new things.
  • Having challenges in different areas of our lives.

The sad reality is most people keep doing the same things over and over, or making the same mistakes, which prevents them from having significant breakthroughs in their lives.

How to have your next big breakthrough