5 Negative Beliefs That Will Affect Your Success Now

Why it’s Important for You to Guard Your Thoughts

Our results often are a reflection of our beliefs. If we are not getting the results we want, chances are we have beliefs that may not be serving us.

Negative or limiting beliefs are thoughts that have become what we believe to be true, whereas in actual reality, those thoughts may not be true.

For example, consider someone trying to lose weight. Based on their previous experiences, what they have been told or what they have learned, they may have had limited success in losing weight. Some of the beliefs they could form includes:

  • I’m never going to lose the weight I want to.
  • Losing weight is hard.
  • What’s the point of even trying? I’m going to fail anyway!
  • There must be something wrong with me because others are able to lose weight easily.
  • I’ll always be overweight or fat.
  • And so on.

With thought patterns like those above and because there are strong emotions associated with them, the chances of a person successfully losing weight without changing their thoughts or beliefs are very slim.

This is why becoming aware of our self-talk or predominant thought patterns is extremely important if we want to achieve the level of success we want.

How to overcome negative or limiting beliefs