5 Proven Reasons Why Travelling Will Improve Your Outlook On Life

There is an old saying, “Change is as good as a holiday.” But could it also be that a holiday is a good change?

Travelling may not always be to have a holiday. It can be for work purposes, to have a sabbatical or to relocate to a new location for a period of time.

Studies have shown that travelling can improve our overall health and well-being because:

  • It creates new experiences for us, which in turn, leads to more happiness.
  • It generates new positive emotions such as excitement and anticipation.
  • It improves our ability to connect and relate with others.
  • It can help us become more productive especially in the days leading up to when we are due to travel.
  • It make us manage our life better which can include managing our schedule, managing our finances and managing our exercise and diet.

Reasons why travelling is beneficial