5 Reasons Why You Need to Have a Bucket List

Things That Will Happen When You Have Big Dreams

When you know the reasons why you need to have a bucket list, you will want to create one.

Having a bucket list can influence your decisions and what you focus on daily.

What is a Bucket List?

A bucket list contains the things you want to do, experience, own or complete before you “kick the bucket” or before you die. The dictionary defines it as “a number of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplish during their lifetime.”

The 2007 movie, “The Bucket List,” with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman popularized the term. Their characters in the movie, who were dying of cancer, made a list of things they wanted to do before they died and spent the final months and days of their lives doing them.

A bucket list can include:

  • Places you want to visit.
  • People you want to meet.
  • Possessions you want to own.
  • Projects you want to complete.
  • Skills you want to learn.
  • Things you want to do because they matter to you.

Once you create your bucket list, you will appreciate the importance of having one, which will also inspire you to achieve them.

why you need to have a bucket list