5 Signs That Will Reveal You Are Not Living The Life You Want

Things to be Aware of as You Reflect on the Year You’ve Had

As we approach the end of another year, it’s quite common for people to stop and reflect on how things are in their lives, and get ready to make some changes.

Having a regular practice of reviewing what we are doing in life is important because:

  • It will reveal whether we are making progress towards our goals or not.
  • It allows us the opportunity to course-correct if we are not on track.
  • It reconnects us to our priorities.
  • It can help eliminate what’s unnecessary from our lives.

During the process of reflection, if we are not living life the way we want to, we will become aware of things that may be uncomfortable or even painful. These are signs or yellow alerts suggesting we have to make changes in order to get the results we want.