5 Signs You Are Really Smart Even If You Don’t Think You Are

Simple Reminders to Help You Feel Confident About Who You Are and What You Are Doing

When things don’t go our way or we don’t achieve our goals when we expect to, it can be very easy to start questioning our abilities or intelligence.

We often tend to be our harshest critic and unless we have a healthy level of self-confidence and self-esteem, criticising ourselves will only cause us to feel worse.

It’s rare that while in the pursuit of something meaningful and worthwhile, things will always work out to plan. It’s inevitable we’ll make mistakes, which may lead to unexpected challenges and roadblocks.

It’s during such times that we need to remind ourselves we did our best and still have the knowledge, skills and abilities we had prior to making those mistakes. What we learn from such experiences will be invaluable as we pursue bigger goals in the future.

One or multiple failures does not define our level of intelligence. If we’re in the habit of making the same type of mistakes over and over, then we really need to question what we’re doing. On the other hand, if we’re doing certain things on a regular basis to improve ourselves, then those are signs of a smart person.

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