10 Signs You Have The Courage You Need To Succeed

When we think of courage, it can be quite easy to mistake it for confidence. Courage and confidence looks the same on the outside but they are not the same thing.

Confidence is a belief in our ability to do something. It is a feeling we have when we know we can do something again. Confidence is typically developed by successfully surviving risks.

Courage is our willingness to act in-spite of any uncertainty or fear we may have. It is being willing to take action despite not knowing what the outcome will be.

While both are very important in order to get the outcomes we want, it is our level of courage that will influence our level of confidence. The more courageous we are, the more confidence we will develop.

I remember when I first started my own business, a critical role was getting sales, which in my business, was finding new clients. As I was initially doing a lot of coaching work, I needed to feel confident and have the courage to get people to sign up for coaching.

Ways to develop more courage