10 Important Tasks You Can Do in Under a Minute Every Day

It is becoming more and more common to hear people say they’re so busy and they don’t have the time to do things they know they should.

Being busy is like a badge of honour. We’ve programmed ourselves to say we’re busy just so we can justify to others and ourselves as to why we’re not doing some of the things we know we should.

Oftentimes, some of the most important things in life does not require a lot of time, but because we’re in a busy mindset, we fail to give them the attention they deserve. Not surprisingly, the most important things in life are often the smallest or simplest things we do everyday.

If we can adopt the mindset that some of our highest priorities does not require a lot of time, we’ll quickly start noticing a big difference to:

  • Our attitude — we won’t feel overwhelmed and under pressure all the time.
  • Our mood — we will be a lot more pleasant to be around.
  • Our effectiveness — we will be able to focus better because we’ve addressed things that are important to us.

Knowing we are making progress by taking care of important tasks can generate more optimism and lead to positive expectations.

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