5 Good Things That Will Happen When Leaders Collaborate

The Real Benefits of Working With Your Leadership Colleagues

Being a leader can be a lonely experience, along with having to carry a lot of responsibilities, especially when leading others in a professional environment.

Good leaders can do things themselves and motivate others to do the same, whereas great leaders get others involved and empower them to lead themselves and others better.

A powerful leadership lesson I have learned is that people will support what they are involved in because they have buy-in. In laymen’s terms, they have “skin in the game.”

Having had many leadership roles in my corporate career, based on what I know now, one thing I could have done better was to have taken a more collaborative approach when leading others.

As I was seen as the leader, it was expected that I would tell team members what to do and what I expected of them. The “command” type of leadership was the norm.

The good things that will happen when leaders collaborate