5 Surprising Ways Perfectionism May Be Destroying Your Life

Why Trying to be Perfect All The Time is a Dangerous Habit

There is a fine balance between getting something right and getting something to be perfect. Perfectionism is a misleading or false idea.

One definition of perfect is “excellent or complete beyond practical or theoretical improvement.” This means that once something has reached completion, it cannot be improved.

The truth is no matter how good something is, whether it’s a product of service, our physical health, our relationships, or our finances, there’s always room for improvement.

One reason why we buy into this idea of perfectionism is because it can be a good avoidance strategy. If we are focused on getting something “perfect,” then we’re not putting ourselves at risk of being judged or criticised because we can always say, “It’s not complete yet.”

While perfectionism can be related to having high standards, if we’re not careful, we can end up creating some bad habits.

How to avoid being a perfectionist