This Is What Happens If You Keep Chasing Work-Life Balance

In the corporate world, the concept of “work-life balance” is something that is often highlighted as being important and encouraged.

Companies even use that as an initiative to create a more engaged and healthier work environment.

Busy entrepreneurs are also striving to have some sort of “balance” in their lives as they often believe they have to work long hours in order to do what’s necessary to grow and maintain their business. The constant focus on “work” often leads to thoughts that there must be some sort of “balance” in order to have a better life.

While the intention behind the idea may be valuable, is this idea of work-life balance actually beneficial to us?

I shared my perspective in a post I wrote previously on why we should stop chasing balance. In this post I will expand further on this idea of work-life balance and whether it is working for us or against us.

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