The One Key to Lasting Happiness and Greater Success

What You Should Give More Attention to Have a Happier, Fulfilling Life

Can there really be one key to lasting happiness and greater success? Is it even possible for us?

Our desire to experience higher levels of joy drives most of the decisions we make and things we do. We’re generally at our best and feel good about ourselves if we’re experiencing happiness consistently.

Yet for most people, happiness isn’t something they experience consistently. We all have experiences or moments that make us laugh and feel good in the moment.

If we rely on external things to experience happiness, it’s difficult to sustain those emotions. Genuine happiness comes from within us. It’s something we generate each day through our choices and actions.

Lasting happiness isn’t a onetime experience or moment. It’s how we feel and who we are every day.

Common Keys to Lasting Happiness

Throughout history, things suggested on how to find lasting happiness and greater success include:

  • Staying healthy in mind, body and spirit.
  • Being present and experiencing each moment for what it is.
  • Knowing the motivation behind why we do the things we do.
  • Practicing gratitude or appreciation daily.
  • Having close or strong relationships and connections with people.
  • Practicing forgiveness and letting go of resentments and judgments.
  • Listening to our intuition.
  • Giving up the need for approval or validation.
  • Not being attached to things or outcomes.
  • Being generous.
  • Not relying on others to make us feel happy.
  • Tapping into what make us great and sharing our greatness with others.
  • Finding and living our life purpose.

My belief is these are true and should be how we live our lives, if we want to experience happiness.

However, there is an important key to lasting happiness and greater success. If we don’t know what it is, experiencing lasting happiness will be highly unlikely.

key to lasting happiness