5 Painful Risks If You Stop Learning Something New Each Day

It is an interesting thing that for most people, their learning stops when their formal education comes to an end.

We often think of learning as what we learn at school and at any higher educational institutions.

While formal education plays a very important part in our development and growth, it is still only one way that we learn. We also learn from:

  • Our daily interactions and experiences.
  • The choices or decisions we make.
  • The people we associate with.
  • Various platforms such as television, movies, social media channels, apps or websites.
  • The books we read.
  • The events, seminars, workshops or training programs we attend.

With our world continuously changing at an ever-increasing pace, it has become vital that we continue to learn just to be able to keep up with the changes happening around us. If we stop learning or are not willing to learn, then there will be some painful risks or consequences.

What will happen if you stop learning