5 Surprising Things Keeping You From Being Happy In Life

One thing that drives all of us is our desire to be happy in life. We all have different ways we pursue happiness.

Some of the ways people pursue happiness include:

  • Achieving more in life, whether it is financial or material success.
  • Making a contribution, which can include volunteer or charity work.
  • Developing stronger relationships with others.
  • Seeking new experiences like travelling or learning new things.
  • Following their passions in life.

Even though the pursuit of happiness is one of our core drivers in life, why is it that so many people are unhappy?

It is not uncommon when we speak to people and ask how they are, we will hear responses like, “Fine” or “Not too bad.” Those responses often mask what is really going on for people, and if they were being truly honest with themselves, they will admit that some area of their lives are not going well, which may be causing them to feel unhappy.

It could well be that there may be things they are doing or things going on for them that are preventing them from experiencing happiness on a consistent basis.