10 Things That Will Happen When You Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Why Intentionally Making Yourself Uncomfortable Can be Highly Beneficial to Your Success

There is a universal truth which states that we experience our greatest growth in life when we go beyond what we’re familiar and comfortable with.

As nothing stays the same over time and as things constantly evolve or change, if we’re not growing, that means we’re going backwards or dying.

The more we’re able to step outside what we’re comfortable with, the more growth we’ll experience. While intentionally challenging ourselves to take more risks is beneficial, we also do have to be mindful about being responsible and not putting ourselves at risk.

There is a difference between taking risks and being at risk. If we put ourselves at risk, where our basic needs in life are not met, then it’s highly unlikely we’ll be in the right frame of mind to be creative or overcome our challenges easily.

Being able to put ourselves in situations which we know will challenge us and cause us to grow has to become part of who we are and how we live.

Things that happen beyond our comfort zone