5 Things That Will Make You Have Low Self-Confidence

What to Be Aware of That May Be Costing You in Many Ways

Our level of confidence plays a big part in how we live our lives and the things we’re willing or not willing to do.

Confidence is both a belief and a feeling. When we’re confident, we know things will work out well because of our abilities, competence and capacity to figure things out.

When a person has low self-confidence, it means they lack belief in their ability to do or carry out what they want to do.

The Costs of Low Self-Confidence

  • Frustration or disappointment.
  • Lack of progress in life.
  • Additional strain on personal relationships.
  • Unwilling to take new risks.
  • Poor communication behaviours.

As our level of confidence dictates so much of what we experience in life, we must be aware of things that may be causing us to have low self-confidence.

Characteristics of low self confidence