10 Things That Will Stop You Wasting Your Time In The Mornings

The way we start off our day in the mornings often has a major effect on how the rest of our day goes.

Have you ever noticed when you start off your day being frantic and rushed, the rest of your day seems to follow a similar pattern? Likewise, when you have a calm and purposeful start to your day, the rest of your day tends to continue in the same manner.

I know you may be thinking that every day for you is rushed, frantic and hectic no matter what you try to do! That is even more reason why we must be intentional about how we start off each day so that we can be in control of what we do and experience daily.

We should not leave what happens during our day to chance or external circumstances. We should be able to dictate how we start off our mornings and how we respond to situations we encounter during the day.

Having a good start to the day will:

  • Put us in a better frame of mind to make the most of our day.
  • Prevent us from being rushed and pressured to get things done.
  • Help us respond to events or situations a lot better.
  • Make us enjoy our day a lot more than when we feel rushed or stressed by the way we start our day.

How to avoid wasting time in the mornings