5 Things To Eliminate From Your Life That Will Make You More Successful

How to Make Progress Faster By Removing Things and Doing Less

There is a common misconception that in order to get further ahead, we have to constantly be doing more and continuously adding more things to our lives.

While it’s an innate human quality to desire more in life, that doesn’t necessarily mean pursuing more at the expense of the things that really matter, like:

  • The quality of our closest relationships.
  • The quality of our physical, emotional and mental health.
  • Doing work that brings us true joy and fulfilment.
  • Making a difference in some way.

If we keep adding more to our already busy lives, it’s obvious that it’ll eventually affect us in some way. For a lot of people, that results in additional stress and burnout, which not surprisingly, affects how much progress they’re able to make.

Knowing when to take on more things and when to eliminate things from our lives is a key distinction that can affect how successful we are.

How to be more successful by doing less