5 Valuable Things to Know if You Struggle to Let Go

Important Reminders to Free Yourself From Hurt, Disappointments or Regret

If we struggle to let go of emotions that caused us discomfort or pain, it can have serious consequences.

Letting go doesn’t always come easily, especially if something affected our identity. We often hold on to needing to be right instead of doing what’s easier or what’s best.

Letting go is the ability to free ourselves from hurt, pain, trauma or any unhealthy emotions that’s not serving us. It’s a choice we make for our well-being, so we can continue giving attention to what’s important.

Why is it Helpful to Practice Letting Go?

Practicing letting go is useful because it:

  • Frees up mental and emotional energy.
  • Helps us get back to focusing on what we want.
  • Allows us to maintain a healthy attitude or outlook on life.
  • Reduces stress, worry or anxiety we may be experiencing.
  • Helps us feel our true selves again.

Whenever we hang onto negative emotions, we’re not in the right frame of mind to operate at our best.

Why Do We Struggle to Let Go?

Letting go doesn’t come easily or naturally because:

  • It’s not something we’re taught at a young age.
  • We may not know how to do it.
  • It may require us to admit we were wrong or ask for forgiveness, which can be difficult.
  • It will require us to take responsibility for our actions.
  • Sometimes fighting for our beliefs or choices is easier than accepting the truth.

If we practice letting go and free ourselves from worry, hurt or pain, it will make our lives much better.

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