10 Valuable Things To Now Consider Doing For Yourself

What You Should Value About Who You Are or Who You Want to Be

It’s easy to do things for others first before taking care of our needs. All too often, those who do things for themselves first are labelled as being selfish.

Is it so wrong to do things for ourselves before doing things for others?

One of the best metaphors I’ve come across to explain this is to imagine being in an emergency situation in an aeroplane. The pilot’s voice comes over the announcement system saying cabin pressure has dropped and he has released the oxygen masks. His instruction is to put on your mask first.

In such a situation, it’s vital we put on our mask first before helping others with theirs. This is because if we’re running out of oxygen, it won’t be long before we’re in a serious situation, that could cause us to pass out, or even worse, die! If we’re incapacitated, we’re of no use to anyone else.

The Costs of Not Taking Care of Yourself First

  • Feeling run down mentally, emotionally and physically.
  • High levels of frustration and resentment towards those we deal with regularly.
  • Not being at our best consistently.
  • Taking a lot longer to get things done.
  • Not being able to serve those we care about as best as we can.

Doing things for ourselves should be considered as selfless rather than selfish.

Things to start doing for yourself