5 Simple Things You Can Do When You Are Feeling Like a Failure

How to Give Yourself a Boost When Things Are Not Going Well

Feeling like a failure can do us a lot of harm if we don’t manage our emotional state well.

Experiences that don’t go our way can lead to unhealthy emotions, which can include feeling like a failure.

Knowing how to shift our mental and emotional states is important to have a healthy attitude consistently.

Things You May Say to Yourself When You Are Feeling Like a Failure

If we’re feeling like a failure, it means we’re generating poor self-talk. Things we may say to ourselves include:

  • “Things are so hard.”
  • “I hate my life.”
  • “Why do I keep messing up?”
  • “Will I ever get a break?”
  • “I can’t do anything right.”
  • “I’ve really messed up my life.”
  • “Why even bother trying?”
  • “I’m such a loser.”
  • “I hate myself.”
  • “What will everyone say if I fail?”

Consequences of Not Addressing Feeling Like a Failure

Allowing ourselves to feel like a failure for any length of time will have harmful consequences. These can include

  • Affecting our relationships.
  • Lower levels of motivation.
  • Mental health challenges which can lead to depression or anxiety.
  • Low productivity and performance.
  • Bad attitude or outlook on life.

No one likes to or wants to feel like a failure. We have to learn how to give ourselves a boost when things are not going well.

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