10 Valuable Things to Remember When Life Seems Hard

We’ve all been through phases in life where no matter how much we tried, everything just seemed hard.

During such times, it can be easy to get discouraged and stop pursuing the things we want in life.

Those difficult periods in life test our resiliency and our commitment to what’s truly important to us. It’s during such times that we need a lot more encouragement to help us stay motivated so that we don’t quit on our goals.

A few years ago, during the Global Financial Crises, I had to put so much attention and focus on my work in order to sustain a living, that I started to neglect my health. Days of no exercise turning into weeks, and sometimes I deluded myself by thinking a 20-minute stroll two or three times a week was good enough to stay healthy.

It was no surprise that my health started to suffer which included back aches, headaches and reduced strength and flexibility. The end result was I started to gain weight. While it wasn’t out of control, I could certainly feel and see the difference of being in an unhealthy frame of mind.

How to turn your life around