Is Midlife Crisis Something to Be Concerned About?

How to Deal With Challenging or Uncertain Times in Your Life

Recently, an email subject line from an online expert caught my attention as it mentioned dealing with a midlife crisis.

As I read through his article, it got me thinking whether midlife crisis was something to be concerned about. It made me realise it’s something we’ve been led to believe can happen during the middle stages of our lives.

Whenever midlife crisis is mentioned, most times, it relates to a male dealing with some change in their life.

I remember once during a job interview, I was asked about my studies and what I wanted in a career. I didn’t know what I wanted out of a career at that time. The interviewer mentioned it was not uncommon for people to have two or three major career changes. That commented has always stuck with me.

What is a Midlife Crisis?

A midlife crisis usually refers to a transition a person goes through during the middle stages of their life. It typically affects people between 40-64 years of age.

It usually brings up certain emotions, which can be likened to an internal turmoil or conflict they experience. That may be triggered by certain events or the realisation they’re in the second half of their life. This often means they’re getting closer to death.

The Effects of a Midlife Crisis

If not dealt with or managed well, it can lead to:

  • Unhappiness
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Low motivation for extended period of time
  • Additional stress.

It can also result in rash decisions being made, which may create additional challenges later on.

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