5 Surprising Reasons Why Being Vulnerable Is Really Powerful

One of the hardest things we can do in a personal or professional relationship is to let others see who we really are at our essence.

To do so requires us to be vulnerable, which can be extremely challenging.

In the corporate world, being strong, professional or business-like is expected of almost everyone. Any sign of us revealing our more real human-side can often be considered a weakness or even behaviour not suitable for a work environment.

However, the interesting thing is we connect with people on a much deeper level when we are authentic, real and being true to ourselves.

When we are vulnerable, there is the real possibility we may be ridiculed, rejected, humiliated, criticised or even get hurt emotionally. These possibilities often cause us to keep our guard up and put on a face of professionalism and give the appearance that everything is okay.

There is another more powerful side to vulnerability.

the power of vulnerability