10 Reasons Why It Is Good To Be Wealthy

We often tend to think of wealth in terms of monetary and material wealth. The more possessions we have, the more wealthy we are regarded.

However, if we trace back to the original meaning of the word “wealth,” it comes from two old English words; “weal” which means well-being, and “th” which means a condition of. So if we combine the two words, wealth really means “a condition of well-being.”

This is different from our definition of wealth today. Consider this; if someone is wealthy financially but has poor health or poor relationships, would that person be considered as being truly wealthy?

When we think of being wealthy, it is beneficial to consider wealth in different areas of our lives. We cannot be truly wealthy if one or more areas of our life is causing us stress, turmoil, and having an impact on our physical health.

why it’s good to be rich