5 Powerful Reasons Why It Is Valuable To Have Coaches In Your Life

During the recent Olympic Games in Rio, Brazil, we witnessed the best athletes in the world performing at the highest levels in order to win medals for their countries. One thing we have come to expect in sports is for athletes or teams to have coaches.

Sometimes, teams have multiple coaches, with each one focusing on a specific area of performance. While it is accepted that those who play sports will work with coaches in order to improve and go to the next level of performance and achievement, it is not as widely accepted for normal, everyday people to have coaches.

Coaches can be just as valuable to individuals as they are to athletes or other professionals. Now, the question to ask is: Do you have a coach in your life?

Chances are those who do not have coaches are not fully utilising their skills, abilities and talents. In other words, they may not be harnessing their full potential.

Some of the things coaches do for their clients include:

  • Make it safe for them to express what is really going on for them.
  • Challenge them to increase what they expect from themselves.
  • Identify gaps between where they are and where they want to eventually be.