Why Living for the Weekend is Not a Good Sign

5 Reasons to Reflect on What You Are Doing With Your Life

It’s not uncommon to find many employees or business operators living for the weekend because they don’t love what they do.

Most workers endure rather than enjoy what they do. That’s not surprising because studies have revealed almost 80% of the workforce either hate or dislike what they do for a living.

Living for the weekend is often a sign you are disconnected from what you love and what you want to do in life. If you’re in such a situation, it’s likely you’ll dread Mondays, which is the start of the week for most working people.

The Costs of Living for the Weekend

Not enjoying what you do will affect you and those you interact with daily. The costs of living for the weekend include:

  • Low motivation and enthusiasm.
  • Poor performance because of low work engagement.
  • Lack of initiative or willingness to take risks or explore new ideas.
  • Poor attitude because of a lack on interest in what you are doing.
  • Setting a poor example by settling for something you are not passionate about.

The emotions you experience while working should be a good sign if you are living for the weekend. Pay attention to your inner voice and follow what you are guided to do.

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