Why Now Is The Perfect Time To Do The Things You Want To Do

It is a common practice for so many people to put off doing the things they really want to until they believe the time is right.

The belief that there will be a “right” time to do something stops so many of us experiencing life fully now.

Some common examples of the things we tend to put off doing until we believe the time is right include:

  • Following our passions instead of being stuck in a job or career we don’t like.
  • Starting our own business because we keep hearing the economy is not good at the moment.
  • Working long hours because we believe we don’t have the time to take care of ourselves physically, mentally or emotionally.
  • Staying in a relationship that is not serving us because the kids are still young and will be affected.
  • Failing to promote our skills or expertise because we believe we haven’t got enough experience or achieved enough success yet.

The cost of waiting for the perfect time to do what we really want to is that it keeps us stuck in a reality we don’t enjoy, which in turn, affects our mindset or attitude about our life.

The truth is we cannot control the past or the future. All we ever have is the present moment. We can learn from our past and do the best we can to create a better future for ourselves, but the only thing we can control is what we think, feel and do in the right now.

Things stopping us living our dreams